Let's Dance Together
This page is the ONE BY ONE STORY, everyone can use a sentence to continue this story until Admin said end.

Start Story Edit

  • Someday, Rita is walking at the park.
  • Rita: *Noticing a bush moving* Why is that bush moving? *Getting close to the bush* Is anybody there? Please, reveal yourself!
  • Marty: *Hearing Rita* *Coming out of the bush* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  • Rita: *Scared* *SCREAMS*
  • Marty: Oh, gosh! Is it you, Rita? I didn't think it was you!! Well, I heard your voice whispering, but I didn't recognize it!
  • Rita: What the heck is wrong with your mind? Why were you there?
  • Marty: Well, I was waiting for Rudy to come here, but you got here earlier than him, so I thought it was him, but it was you!
  • Later
  • Rudy gets to the park.
  • Marty: Oh. here you are, Rudy!
  • Rita: Hi, Rudy!
  • Rudy: Why did you ask me to be here?
  • Marty: I wanted to scare you, but Rita got here before you, so I thaught Rita was you and, instead of scaring you, I scared her!
  • Rudy,Marty & Rita: *LAUGH*
  • Rudy: Well, this was just a waste of time.