Ninjoy Ninjoy is the MAIN CHARACTER
Sasha Sasha is the MAIN CHARACTER

Marty: YO YO YO! Wait up, guys, where were going?

Ninjoy: What's With That shed?

Marty: *Sees His Leg* We Are Here To Eat Pizza.

Marty: *Flashback*

In The Flashback:

Clover: C'mon! Play With Us!

Sasha: Oh, C'mon! Im Shy!......

Sasha: Hehehehe.....STAY AWAY OF MY SHED!

Ninjoy: Wanna Punch Sasha?

Marty: Sure

Ninjoy: Hope U Like This

  • Punches*

Ninjoy: Soon, You Will Be In The Starlight City!

Sasha: *very damaged* hehehe,c'mon guys, dont leave me in this scary shed, heheheheh.....guys?

Ninjoy:*closes door and turns lights off*

Another Flashback:

Mrs Spot: And The winner of Tasty Prom gala is.....Sasha!!!!!!!!!!

Sasha: Oh God, This is the most important moment of my life!

Ninjoy: *Quick laugh* Pull The Rope Marty!

  • toppings fall on Sasha*

Sasha: *Covered In Sauce*

Clover: Look guys, she's covered in Ketchup!

  • Everyone Laughs*

Sasha: Stop Laughing! Stay away of my shed.....STAY AWAY OF MY SHED! *cries n leaves*

  • Back in real life*

Marty: I thought she always said that we're welcome to our shed

Ninjoy and clover: Yes!

  • They Enter and find everything covered in blood*


Ninjoy: What?

  • They Find Dead Animals*

Everyone: Creepy....

Sasha: *Derpy and Disturbing face, appears with a saw, Nobody looking her* Heheheh....


  • Everyone Sees Sasha*

Marty: You said that were always welcome.

Sasha: Takin' away, fellas

  • Every animal plays the xilophone*

Sasha:*Singing* Im gonna sing a song for you!

  • Marty and ninjoy flee quickly*

Sasha: And i will show u a thing or two.

Sasha So have a sit my dear, if all isn't the same

Sasha: Just Sit Back And Relax....

Sasha: WHILE I EAT YOUR BRAINS! *in double voice*

Dead Animals: Hahahahah-Holy brains!

Sasha: Brians!

Sasha:*Cuts a Clover DummyTo The Half with a saw*

Everyone: Brains!

Sasha: *Psycho Laugh*

Sasha: *Still Sawing a Clover dummy*

  • Hank comes*

Hank: Alright, Alright, WHATS HAPPENING IN THERE?

Sasha: I can explain....Actually, I can't!

Hank: Guys Take Her!

  • They Take Sasha To Marty, Clover and Ninjoy*

Sasha: *disturbed face*

Hank : Here you have,a psycho!

Sasha : I'm no psycho

Ninjoy, Marty and clover: LOOK AT HER!

Sasha: I'll get revenge

Everyone: *flees*

Sasha: That always works!