Scooter Scooter is the MAIN CHARACTER
Allan Allan is the MAIN CHARACTER
Kayla Kayla is the MAIN CHARACTER
Cecilia Cecilia is the MAIN CHARACTER

Start Story Edit

Scooter: I'm making slime!

All 3: Here we go!

Allan: Kayla got pie on her face!

Scooter: WHAT IS THIS?!?! Finally, I got a pie!

(Scooter is laying down)

Allan: 3, 2, 1, go! (squirts rainbow sherbet syrup on Scooter)

Scooter: It's something like aesthetic!

Kayla: Doesn't it look nice? Nice! Beautifuuuul.

Scooter: Ah, so good! taste SWEET...

Allan: Sweet?

Scooter: I can't breathe.

Kayla: OK, you can take it off.

Allan: Open your mouth, it's OK.

Scooter: Feel so bad...

(Scooter goes into Cecilia's house)

Cecilia: How was it?

Scooter: Scary! But it was fun.