Fly and go, trust your true self

Just look deep inside and you'll understand

You've got the key

You've got the key

You've got the key

Willow: Oh, no! She has been using my poem?!

Audiences sans Willow: (cheering)

Scarlett: Thanks for coming to our concert, good bye fans!

[Tomorrow, at Willow's home at Frostfield]

Willow: SCARLETT! Don't lie to me!

Scarlett: WILLOW! I never used your poems for any of my songs!

Willow: That lyrics for your song was taken from my poem called Trust Your True Self, and you used the important part for the chorus!

Scarlett: PLEASE, let me explain! I didn't-

Willow: No, miss. You are a thief. You are NOT EVEN MY FRIEND ANYMORE!

Scarlett: Willow, wait! [sighs] I don't understand why Willow didn't listen to me... I never read her poems. I wish I could ask her, but she won't listen again. [echoing] I will write a letter and leave it over the table. [normal] But I don't know if Willow forgives me...

[A day later]

Willow: I hope that Scarlett understands me, but she never should have been read my poems. Huh?

Willow starts to read Scarlett's letter, but she destroys it.


[At Scarlett's home]

Karlee: What? Does Willow really think that you've written your songs withher poems?

Scarlett: Yes... However I don't know if you'll get offended to me, I will tell you how it started.

Karlee: Whatever happens, I will be there by your side.

Scarlett: Okay, then. I was walking at the streets of Frostfield, then a paper flew towards to me. Then I thought it would be a great song of me. But I didn't understand it was actually Willow's poem while I sing it. It's been very late when I understood. I'm sorry.

Karlee: You should tell it to her before it's very late.

Scarlett: You're right, Karlee. Thanks for anything, twin sis.

Karlee: Scarlett, wait! [giggles]

Scarlett's Father: Where are you going, dear?

Scarlett: No time, dad!

Scarlett's Mother: I hope that she didn't forget anything.

Scarlett goes back to Willow's house and knocks the door.

Willow: What do you want again?

Scarlett: Willow, I just have to-

Willow: There is nothing to talk with you! Bye!

Willow slams the door to Scarlett's face.

Scarlett: I hope she understands me- [pause] But no... She won't forgive me. [cries]

Scarlett goes out of the house, but Trishna and Akari see her.

Akari: Scarlett, where are you going?

Trishna: Furthermore, by running!

Akari: I think she left Willow's home a little bit ago.

Trishna: Shall we ask Willow what happened?

Akari: Definitely!

The girls knock Willow's door, and she opens it.

Willow: Hi, girls. Feel yourselves at home.

Akari: Uh, Willow... We've got something to tell you.

Trishna: Yes. What happened with Scarlett a few minutes ago?

Willow: Well, I learned that she used one of my poems for her band's song.

Akari: Which one? Everybody knows that you've made a poem collection.

Willow: The one which starts like "When I was just a young girl" .

Trishna: Whoa, whoa! Scarlett Livingstone! The greatest vocalist of "Scarlett and the Shakers" and Flipverse! She stole your poem, huh?

Akari: I don't think she could do such a thing.

Willow: But she really did!

Akari: Then, Willow... Did you open your window in last three months?

Willow: Yes. I recently opened the window on November 07 to get aired. But my poems started to fly around everywhere. Then one of them flew out of my home. After closing the window, I tidied my poetry room. [gasps] Oh, no! What if Scarlett didn't steal it? What if that poem flew towards to Scarlett after going out of my window? What did I do? She won't forgive me after all!

Trishna: You mean that Scarlett didn't steal it?

Akari: What did I tell you? She never does such a thing like that.

Willow: We should tell it to Scarlett! Come on girls!

The trio goes to Scarlett's house, but she doesn't open the door. Instead, her twin sister, Karlee opens it.

Karlee: Hey girls! Willow, that is you!

Akari: Do you know her?

Karlee: Yes. We studied at Frostfield High School together in the same class.

Trishna: And I met Akari when I started my studies at Sakura Bay University.

Willow: Did you see Scarlett?

Karlee: No. Recently, I talked to her about forty-eight minutes ago. After that, I didn't see her.

Akari: Thank you, Karlee.

Karlee: You're welcome.

[At the stage room of Scarlett and the Shakers]

Marty: Scarlett, can we come in?

Rudy: It's us, dear.

Marty, Rudy and Clover open the door, but they can't find Scarlett. Clover finds a letter on her table. She reads it and everyone gasps.

Rudy: Do you want to say that Scarlett gone away?

Marty: Does anybody know why did she leave?

Rudy and Clover: No.

[door knocks]

Trishna: Is Scarlett here?

Clover, Marty and Rudy: No, girls.

Willow: What we can do now? I made a great mistake! I quilt her for stealing my poems, and I didn't even listen what she said. She wrote a forgiveness letter to me, but I destroyed it with anger! What did I do?

Akari: We have to get together as crusaders! Trishna, you call Kayla, Peggy, Wendy and Crystal to the stage room. I'm calling Olivia, Prudence, Nevada, Rita, Cecilia, Hope and Radlynn as soon as possible.

Trishna: Let's go!

After about an hour, all of girls come to the room.

Crystal: So, what happened?

Willow: It actually started two and an half months ago. I opened my poetry room's window. But with the effect of the stong wind, my my poems flew around the room. After I closed the window, I rearranged my poems in an alphabetic order. But I couldn't notice that one of them flew towards Scarlett. I thought that she stole it because I restrict anyone from reading my poems. I never should've kicked her out. [cries]

Radlynn: Willow, stop! This is not your fault.

Kayla: If we get together, we will find Scarlett and get her back sooner.

Akari: I have a better idea. Thirteen of us will go to the places of Flipverse.

Nevada: But the other three?

Trishna: We will let you know if we find Scarlett.

Prudence: Okay, good luck girls.

Olivia: Be careful.

Scarlett: [singing] Go and trust, forget this bad pains. Make your heart soar in your happy life. Be yourself, listen to your heart. You could fulfill all of your dreams... [cries]

Radley Madish: Scarlett, here I AM!

Scarlett: [screams]

[3 hours later]

Olivia: Girls!

Nevada: Did you find her?

Trishna: Sorry, girls...

Radlynn: We've looked everywhere.

[Akari's phone rings]

Akari: Oh, no! It's Karlee calling!

Kayla: Who is Karlee, Akari?

Akari: She is Scarlett's twin sister.

Crystal: Then answer it. She has to face the truth.

Akari: You're right, Crystal. [answering phone] Hi, Karlee... [upset] What is the problem?

Karlee: Akari, may I speak to Scarlett? My family and I are worried about her. Besides, why is your sound like upset?

Akari: Karlee... [sniffles] Scarlett's gone lost! [cries]

Karlee: WHAT?!

To be continued...